Asking the Right Questions Always Leads to the Right Design. Every Time.

I’m Mike Naylor, founder of Silhouette Graphics. My design philosophy is very simple: The customer knows more about their products and services than anyone else, so design around their goals, not mine. Too many designers rush through a client meeting and in 15 minutes think they have the solution for what will best serve the client’s design project. But when the right questions don’t get asked, the design result is average at best, ineffective at worst.

I want to be an effective designer, so I ask the right questions:

Who’s your customer? What colors do they like? Where do they shop? Where do they live? Are they sophisticated? Are they average? Do they prefer price over value, or value over price?

What’s your message? What do you want your customer to do? Call you? Visit your store? Go to your website? Fill out an application? Enter a contest?

What personality does your product or service naturally portray? Do you have a tropical drink that makes everyone dream of the Caribbean? Do you sell financial products for well-heeled investors? Do you sell an intangible, like a membership in a trade organization? Are you an author of parenting books for parents of toddlers?

Asking the right questions always leads to the right design. Every time.

How can I help you with your design needs today? My company specializes in quality work, fast turnaround and competitive pricing. I invite you to contact me for a free consultation to discuss your project and how I would approach it. Be sure to peruse our portfolio and customer testimonials.


Mike Naylor
Silhouette Graphics, Inc.